We’re Moving!


With the upcoming FDA regulations set to take effect on August 9, 2016 fazevapor.com and metroecigs.com are moving to a new website platform. In this new move we will be consolidating both Faze and Metro into one site to make it more convenient to shop online. We will be moving to an updated, mobile friendly platform with even better security for our customers.

More To Come!

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Update 9/7/16

Progress is coming along quite well with the new site. As we are consolidating multiple sites into one there are a lot of changes and updates. We’re working hard creating our new rewards program and making sure there is a seamless transition for all of our customers. We don’t want this to just replace the existing but improve upon it greatly for a better customer experience. We will be publishing a preview in the next week or two so everyone knows what to expect!

6 thoughts on “We’re Moving!

  1. Hello,
    When will your new site launch? I need to order. I usually order the 99 pack, but I usually do so when you have a discount. I hope you come up real soon. E-cigs can get expensive when purchased from the markets. Thanks and have a great day.

    1. Hello Jo Ann,

      Thanks for the reply. Hopefully you had a chance to catch our Labor Day Sale! The new site is coming soon, we’re still at least a few weeks out but intend to send out a preview soon. Thank you for your patronage.

  2. What is going on? Where is the new website? I’m about ready to find a new brand. Where’s the big deal?

  3. Would you please contact me when the new web sight is up and running? All so, if you have any discount or sale pro-motions will you contact me as well on those?
    Thank-you, Gary G.

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