Faze™ Vapor Provides Unique Products and a Superior Vaping Experience


Faze™ Vapor, based in Wheat Ridge, CO, is dedicated to providing the perfect vaping experience with a line of superbly engineered electronic cigarettes, e-hookahs, and e-liquids. Improving on existing products and adding brilliant innovations of their own, Faze has successfully created the ultimate vaping experience with their highly customizable, intelligent designs and unswerving dedication to quality.

Their talented team of dedicated engineers have reinvented every aspect of the electronic cigarette, resulting in a product that provides a distinctive look and comfortable feel, as well as a smooth, even draw, and smooth vapor every time. Whereas other companies are content producing tubular bodies like traditional cigarettes, Faze vaping pens are hexagonal so they stay where you put them without rolling away.

Faze’s improvements extend into the battery, as well. Each e-cig is equipped with a 24-hour battery, with improved USB charging capabilities. The micro-USB port allows their e-cigarettes to be charged nearly anywhere, and unlike most other brands, it can be used while it’s still powering up.

Their 1.6ml tanks hold enough e-liquid to match the extended battery life, and the dual-coil vaporizing system guarantees a thick cloud of vapor with every draw. With Faze e-liquids, which can be individually tailored to the tastes of every individual customer, their e-hookahs and vaping pens provide a uniquely satisfying vaping experience that other producers can’t match.

To experience the future of vaping yourself, visit Faze Vapor online and browse their extensive list of revolutionary products. Call (888) 642-6835 with any questions.

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