Clearing the Cloud: The Truth Behind Vaping

Truth About Vaping


Vaping is a controversial new industry, and like other new trends is surrounded by misinformation. Mainstream media remains skeptical about its impact on public health. Big Tobacco is aggressively lobbying to ban vaping while trying to sell their own disposable electronic cigarettes. But Denver-based company Faze™ Vapor doesn’t make simple e-cigarettes; it makes premium USB-chargeable vaporizer kits and e-hookahs. What really goes into vaporizers is a lot less exciting, but more flavorful, than what the current debate will tell you:

  • All e-cigarettes are NOT created equal. Vape pens from Faze™ Vapor are completely different from the disposable e-cigs you may have seen at your local gas station. Faze™ Vapor sells premium refillable and rechargeable vaporizers, offering 10 different flavors and two nicotine strengths (16mg and 24mg). Disposable e-cigs typically have less vapor, a shorter shelf life, and aren’t as flavorful as premium AVPs (“Advanced Personal Vaporizers”).
  • Most e-juice contains little to no nicotine. Many vape users agree that too much nicotine actually takes away from the flavor. Vape pens are a product intended for use as an alternative to traditional smoking, not a substitute. Typical customers are frequently ex-smokers trying to lessen their nicotine intake.
  • Propylene glycol is NOT the same as diethylene glycol. The former is a major ingredient found in mainstream asthma inhalers, while the latter is a major component of antifreeze. These are two completely different products. Faze™ Vapor e-juice contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine and flavoring. It does not contain diethylene glycol.

To learn more about what makes Faze™ Vapor products different, visit them online or contact Faze™ Vapor customer support at (888) 642-6835.

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  1. Good article. Keep up the great work!Coming from the UK I am a little worried about the implications of the TPD and the effect it will have on vaping. I’m hopeful that the TPD does not apply to the UK but that is highly unlikely I guess since the bill has already been enacted at a domestic level. Anyone else here from the UK?

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