5 Metro e-Cig Products for December

December is here, which means there’s one more reason to quit smoking: it’s getting too cold to enjoy burning one outside. I’d rather not bundle up for seven minutes of dubious pleasure, thank you very much! The following products from Metro e-Cigs do the trick and then some.


Metro King 1.8T Original

These really look, feel, and taste like traditional cigarettes. I especially like that this e-cig has a soft tip—not a hard plastic tip like most other e-cigs. One lasts me about two days, the same as a pack of cigarettes. Plus, I can start and stop “vaping” whenever I want. No more checking my watch to see if I’ve got enough time. And they’re disposable: No battery to recharge, no cartridge to replace. Everyone has different taste preferences, so try this one first if you want to check out Metro’s flavor. I plan to keep one on hand wherever I go this November.
metro soft-tip traditional tobacco flavor electronic cigarette


Metro 1.8% Traditional Starter Kit

E-cig starter kits are a little more hands-on than disposables. You do have to charge the battery regularly, but if you plan ahead, this isn’t a problem. I charge my Metro every night, and it’s ready for me to use all day. The battery lasts a good long time between charges. This starter kit comes in a handy case, complete with USB charger and two 1.8% cartridges. It would be an especially good investment this November since the replacement cartridges come in packages of three and thirty six.
metro tobacco flavor electronic cigarette starter kit


Metro STEALTH Designer Pack

The main perk with this e-cig designer pack is that it doesn’t light up the interior of your car like an e-cig. It’s November, it’s dark when I drive home from work, and I’m not too keen on the idea of getting pulled over for texting while driving. The battery features a digital camo pattern, and the case comes with a USB charger and room for an e-cigarette and two cartridges. The tip does light up red when the battery needs to be recharged and green when it’s done. If you like Metro’s flavor, get this or one of their other designer packs plus a thirty-six pack of cartridges. Overall, a well-thought-out design.


Metro ReCharge Pack

An excellent buy for the committed e-cig user, the Metro ReCharge Pack is a portable wall charger with an added bonus: You can recharge your e-cig battery even when you don’t have access to an electrical outlet. It looks like a pack of cigarettes, and it will charge a battery, store a full e-cig, and store up to three cartridges all at once. If you have to make an extended trip this November, take this recharger along.
E-cig recharge pack


E-Hookah Peach

A yummy alternative to the e-cigarette. I keep a few of these on-hand for friends who want to “vape” with me but dislike the tobacco flavor and nicotine content of the products I use. And, yes, I hit these myself from time to time. The taste is quite enjoyable, especially the peach—a perfect dessert for that big feast day in November.
Peach E-Hookah by Nicotek

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